Ultimate air tickets prices cache solution

eStreaming API is fully managed JSON based service that covers all your needs in cached airprice shopping.

To keep our data updated each day we receive & process trillions offers for shopping requests from each and every single user of 3 cores of Travelport. One of the biggest GDS in the World.

However eStreaming API is GDS agnostic solution & can be easily adopted in your existing environment.

Key benefits

  • — Significant decrease of L2B fees
  • — Immediate results for metasearch engines
  • — Easy & simple JSON API to access the data
  • — Blazing fast API querying 500 ms (less than a second)
  • — Smart data processing
  • — Data mining functionality
  • — Any type of flex-like searches over cached data
  • — Affordable to agencies of any size (and any base GDS)

Really BIG data

And when we say BIG, we mean it. We currently process for you more than 0.5 petabytes of data every 3 months, or 10,000,000,000 pricing options daily.

The daily amount of processed eStreaming API data is roughly equivalent to the storage of 10 most expensive Apple MacBook Pros available today.

Cache API

Cached Shopping API

Shopping results based on the basic air shopping options plus the market. This API offers a replacement for any «home-made» caches without the necessity to handle a vast amount of data that Travelport eStreaming generates.

Historical API

For those of you who would like to analyze pricing or do some market research, we can extract details on how a price for any particular destination for particular flight dates was changing during a requested period.

Fly From-To API

Gives you a possibility to find the cheapest options within the departure date range and desirable stay days.

Fly From API

An interface to ask for the currently lowest prices for all destinations from a particular city/airport. The result is the lowest found price for each destination.

+/-3 Days API

Sends back the cheapest option for days surrounding the selected date.

Pricing model

  • — No upfront fee No minimal fee
  • — Pay as you go (per concurrent request)
  • — Free tiers available

Fair pricing

Any charges will be multiplied by «effective request coefficient»

k = S / T

S — number of successful transactions

T — total number of requests

Pricing figures

RPS capacity Requests per day Price for 1 RPS
1 1 000 Free
1 to 9 Unlimited $5.00 / day
10 to 19 Unlimited $4.00 / day
20+ Unlimited $3.50 / day

Free tier

Basic concept of pricing model is a number of simultaneous concurrent requests RPS — requests per second.

1 000 request per day with 1 RPS capacity — free of charge

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